Classroom Management

 *NEW* MESSAGING with Class Dojo This is sure to be an easy and fun way to communicate with parents. It allows you to send ‘Direct Messages’ to individual parents or ‘Broadcast’ a message to all parents in your class.  It will even show you when a parent has read your message with ‘Read Receipts.’  All of this while keeping phone numbers and email addresses private.  Increase parent engagement without an increase to your workload.  Best of all it’s FREE!

Get the CLASS DOJO app FREE Here


Class Dojo is a FREE service that allows the user to record and track data about students’ behaviors. When you download the App on your preferred device you create a class list and personalize behaviors (both positive and negative) that you’re interested in tracking.  Then you’re ready to start recording data. To begin tracking data you must be signed in.  You must select your class and record all or individual students with positive or negative dojo points for specific behaviors that you defined.  Class Dojo allows you to use the device of your choice.  This means you have an option of using the browser on your desktop computer or if you prefer on the go it can be accessed through the Class Dojo App. Students have the option of reviewing their status by signing into Class Dojo using a teacher assigned code. This code is secret and specific to the student.  Parents have the option of signing up to have reports emailed to them each week.

Ways I use Class Dojo in my Classroom…

1st and foremost I must mention that I do not use this as the end all be all of my classroom management system.  I think I use this in a fairly creative way in conjunction with other classic systems.  Initially, I recruit a class ‘Sheriff’ voted upon by their peers to conduct the duties of being my second set of eyes and ears.  The ‘Sheriff’ can give out Class Dojo points and is also able to give out Super You’s and Citations in response to the behaviors.  Ultimately, I’m the authority and will step in as needed. However, the student chosen tends to be ‘fair’ and due to being chosen by their peers their actions are rarely questioned.  This method of delegation of Class Dojo has lightened my load as the classroom disciplinarian and I can focus on looking for students doing ‘the right thing.’  And…. Of Course Teaching!

Students in my 1:1 Chromebook classroom and can keep a tab open to their CD page to check their progress throughout the day.  They are able to design their CD Avatar as well.  This may be something that needs some direction or they may be ‘playing’ instead of using it as a tool for monitoring their behavior.  The novelty wears off after a short time (1-2 weeks) and then they know to check at the end of the week for the final progress that will be emailed to their parents. In addition to my Sheriff’s participation with Class Dojo, I use it to add what I see in the classroom.  It’s great to see things from two perspectives and the results are accurate.

I’ve seen some people question Class Dojo and how some implement the program.  Too each their own.  I feel that its a tool and can be used to compliment my program.  I NEVER make their Class Dojo Public to anyone including their classmates.  I feel the points are accurately given out and students can privately reflect on their results at the end of each week.

I just love Class Dojo!


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