X Marks the Spot


You’ve been CHALLENGED!

The theme of this post is on making a difference in the world.  How can one person possibly make a difference in THE world?  

X marks the spot!  What does this mean exactly?  In my first post about MY word… CrEaTe, I talked about being a risk taker and sharing my somewhat uncreative self with my followers.  BTW-Are you still following me? … 🙂  My techno-creativity collides with global connectivity.  Let the challenge begin…..

In marking my spot I’ve decided to embark on a global project to Mark Your SpOt.  How will this change the world or make a difference?  This will show students and my followers the positive impact of social media, as well as collect data to further authentic conversations about the world around them. As we know from recent media coverage, the majority of students in US schools are underprivileged.  Mark Your SpOt to share a ‘Global’ view of the world around them.


I’ve created a Google Map to Mark Your SpOt! ***** http://goo.gl/UVRIyI

  • Add a public point of interest from your location
    • edit the location by adding more information to the marker(see PS Tramway-I added a link to the history of the Tramway or the Palm Springs Indian Canyons-article about hiking on the trails)

Join the -Mark Your SpOt Challenge 2015!

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