Ohhh! My Word…is CrEaTe


I’m not a risk taker.  Nor am I someone I’d define as being creative, but I’m challenging myself to be both over the next year. Join me as I take a leap into sharing my thoughts and creations through this platform.  The EdTechNerdo Blog!  

Is it really being risky or creative?  I think so, as someone who’s more of an introvert and likes to keep my thoughts private I’ll be sharing more and more as I branch out on topics which meld my experience as a classroom teacher and my passion for technology.  I hope you’ll join me for the ride and share this unchartered journey with others who might enjoy the adventure.

To be a little more forthcoming… I’ll share with you that I am NOT at all creative.  By this I mean 0%, nada, nothing. 🙂 I’m the farthest thing from crafty or innovative.  I AM however someone who can reinvent something to suit my needs and make it my own.  I’ve created things before, but I don’t claim or brag about stuff I make.  As a self-proclaimed perfectionist, I can always find fault and tend to worry others will too.  Obviously that leads me to keep my work private in fear of being criticized.

This post is the beginning of overcoming my fears and sharing in ‘my’ creative work.

Love this silly Youtube video from JustLIkeThat!

Hacks to be Creative

Although this is mostly for comical purposes, I can definitely grasp on to the finish a project hack.  I will promise to commit to posting a blog post each week during 2015.  To make sure I do this I will set a weekly reminder on my calendar.  Crossing my fingers I can stick with it!  I think I can…. I think I can…

But… Seriously!

Interesting and timely article by Larry Kim with some quick and simple ways to be creative found at INC.  Larry’s Twitter handle is @larrykim  9 Ways to Become More Creative in the Next 10 Minutes -Creativity is developed; it’s not a birthright. 

I think I like # 5 the best (Start a Sketchbook).  I will most likely create Sketchnotes, but just the same it will offer me some creative freedom and I can save the files.  Maybe I’ll even ‘risk’ it and share one on my next blog.

Until next time…be creative!


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