Moving Forward with Technology – Part 1


As a major tech nerdo, I would have to say that technology is always something I view as a positive source of engagement and learning. The real question is not about technology itself, but in the responsible party for facilitating its use within the classroom.

Check out this post from Mr. Hooker!

With the increasing demands placed on teachers to teach to the rigor of the common core standards and ever-changing curriculum it’s superficially helpful to gain access to the internet and technology tools.  Those that can-find a way. Those that can’t-probably won’t.  Those that might-need help.  But…most importantly the more support and guidance everyone is given will result in a greater impact on its successful integration.

Currently my district is well underway to a 1:1 Chromebook initiative. However, the price of this technology implementation isn’t matched with the support required to adequately integrate the tool as more than just that …a tool. Those that have them feel a myriad of feelings at the possibilities and pitfalls that are sure to occur.

When new curriculum is purchased there are numerous trainings both at the district and site levels with a focus by administration to assist its smooth integration. Same holds true for the recent adoption of California’s Common Core Standards. However, technology adoption and integration has been and still is about the purchase and roll out of the devices and not about the professional development. I applaud the increased usage of these tools and understand the advantages of implementing them into todays classrooms. However, while we improve access to a 21st Century education we must also provide additional trainings to those who will be responsible for providing that experience.  This training should not be for only those who volunteer after hours, but be provided using a variety of pd models.

What should technology integration look like? What does it look like where you are an administrator, teacher, student, or parent? Who is responsible for the technology, training, support? How is support provided? How many people are available in the role of technology integration (not IT)? How many staff and teachers does that person serve? Is there accountability for implementation at a site or district level?

Check out this recent article written Dec. 2014 on Education World by Bernard J. Poole

Ten Pillars of Successful Technology Integration

I believe that each of these pillars are pertinent to the success of technology integration.

I welcome your response to this post.

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