It’s Elementary Edmodo!


Do you Edmodo?  I do!

I started using Edmodo in my classroom about two ago.  I’ve never looked back.  At first it can be daunting to figure out all the ins and outs, but if you start small you will make gains quickly.  I’ve created a simple list of ways that your elementary students can use Edmodo in the classroom.  *Note* These 10 items take into account the users having adequate access to technology.  My 4th grade class has 1:1 Chromebooks, but these activities could still be adjusted to suit the needs of classrooms with less access.

1. lunch poll-create a lunch pol to collect data on who is buying a hot lunch or who brought their own.  It creates an instant graph of the results.  Less disruptive and more time efficient than traditional methods.  The student who’s job it is to take the lunch count can then quietly record the information and take the results to the cafeteria.

2. SMART start-I create a daily SMART start as a NOTE (post) that lists routine activities that take approximately 20 minutes to complete and allow students to get right to work independently upon their arrival.  It can vary from day to day, but is fairly consistent. The Quick Quiz is corrected after SMART START and then we begin our daily math lesson.



  • lunch poll
  • healtheschools (program to track nutrition, exercise, and sleep-part of our PE program)
  • AR-take an AR test if ready, complete a reading log in Google Forms
  • MATH-review Quick Quiz (paper ready to go on desk upon their arrival)

KHAN Academy (differentiated math instruction self-paced)

3. Create Groups-if you have more than one class, you can create groups.  Even if you don’t teach another class, you might teach an EL group, Accelerated Learning Group, or even grouped by Reading Levels.

4. Snapshots-this is a Newer tool that allows the teacher to assign quizzes aligned to Common Core in both Language Arts and Math.

5. Assessments (Quizzes)-build a quiz, create a due date, and assign to a group.  This will show up in an assignments list for the students to complete.

6. Post a question for students to research on Google and reply back with their findings.  I often ask students to post a resource such as a weblink where they found their information.

7. Reviews & Critiques-this can be used in several ways including with student work or asking students to find good resources to support a skill.

8. Digital Citizenship-students can reply to to the teachers posts or add their thoughts to others within different tasks.  Students are asked to practice proper citizenship each time they post.

9. Book Club-students are asked to read and discuss novels with each other or their assigned literature groups.

10. Professional Development Workshop-train other staff members to join Edmodo and how to use it for building resources.

11. Sub Hub-you can use Edmodo to communicate with a sub or students while away from the classroom.  I recently had to leave my class in capable hands of a sub and Edmodo allowed me to still be with my class and post daily assignments and communicate my expectations with my students.

12. Backchanneling-allows students to post comments in real-time to encourage discussions within a lesson.

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