32 ways to use REMIND in the classroom


Use Remind to communicate between home and school.

Ways that I’ve used Remind

  1. Homework
  2. Important Dates
  3. Schedule Changes
  4. Facts and Trivia
  5. Holidays
  6. School Events
  7. Volunteers
  8. Report Cards
  9. Permission Slips
  10. Back to School Night
  11. School Cancellation
  12. Emergency Response
  13. Pictures
  14. Field Trips
  15. Motivation
  16. Raise Funds
  17. Restrictions
  18. Attendance
  19. Illnesses
  20. Requests for Fees
  21. Scheduling Conferences
  22. Extra Credit Opportunities
  23. Flipped/Blended Learning-Links
  24. Study Tips
  25. Training, Vacation and Sick Days-when I’ll be out
  26. Tech Tips
  27. Makeup Assignment Reminders
  28. Office Hours
  29. Current Events
  30. Class Parties
  31. Donations
  32. Wish List Items

You can now send messages –

SEND A MESSAGE-Instantly message every student and parent in your class. They receive it as a text message or an email.

and personalize with STAMPS –

STAMPS-Get instant feedback from your class with Stamps! Send a message or question, watch as students and parents respond with Stamps.  Remind summarizes this feedback in a snap!

It’s SAFE!

Phone numbers are kept private so communication is 100% safe and secure. Easily access stored message history.

It’s Efficient!

Save time sending or scheduling messages, photos, files, or voice clips directly to students’ and parents’ phones.

It’s FREE!

Any teacher, student and parent can start using Remind today, for FREE, on any device. No commitments or classroom changes required.

I’ve used it for the past 2 years successfully and have successfully encourage other colleagues to adopt it into their teaching practice.

How do you use REMIND in your classroom?

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