1:1 with Chromebooks

My 3rd Grade class received a Donors Choose Grant in cooperation with Samsung for 30 Chromebooks.  I looped with my class and it’s our 2nd year with 1:1.  Both the students and I have learned so many amazing things during the past 2 years.  I will share some successes and failures we’ve experienced along the way.  This journey is not over.  It’s only just begun.  Stay tuned for more innovative ways a 1:1 Chromebook classroom can motivate students to reach their potential everyday.

Ways that we use Chromebooks in our class include:

Taking Lunch Count in an Edmodo Poll

Daily Smart Start

Accelerated Reading

KHAN Academy

Learn Zillion

Moby Max


Genius Hour

Appy Hour


Drive-writing, presentations, drawing

Google Search-research


Extensions: Dictionary, Thesaurus, Screenshots, spellcheck, read clearly, etc.




And many more…

NEW -I plan on initiating collaborative cross-age tutoring for writing.  What a better motivator than peers to get kids writing with a purpose.

The following is a great Presentation by +Tom Gierke and +Becky Evans for those looking at implementing 1:1 Chromebooks with GAFE. (Google Apps for Education).

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